Claims Processing
HTC provides leading-edge technology services to Healthcare and Insurance providers to help them meet changes. Our offerings enable you to move ahead in the changing marketplace complying with federal regulations and mandates.
We offer high quality end-to-end claims processing services such as mail management, processing of applications, performing validation checks, calculations, adjudications, and administrative processes for future use.  We also provide necessary technical support and help desk services.
Our capabilities include a complete range of claims processing services such as Medicaid, Medicare Processing, Property and Causality Insurance.  We have the expertise and experience to process forms such as health insurance claims for professional service (HCFA or CMS1500), institutional (CMS1450, HCFA1450 or UB92), dental, vision, and encounter forms.
Our Claims Processing Service/Solution will help you to:
  • Modernize their core administrative systems
  • Manage large number of subscribers
  • Process  claims with quick turn-around time
  • Validate subscriber records in terms of accuracy
  • Perform updates
  • Simplify reimbursement processes

Case Studies
Cut administrative costs... achieve higher customer satisfaction - Reducing administrative costs of handling claims and ensuring timely adjudication are major focus areas for Health Insurance companies
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