HTC Global is a leading provider of outsourced Engineering Services for the automobile sector. HTC has  vast automotive design and engineering expertise which helps customers meet industry challenges using digital design and virtual simulation and product validation technologies. HTC Engineering Services for the automotive sectors are in the prime areas of:
  • Design (systems, sub-systems, and components for robustness, design standardization, benchmarking, cost reduction, and value engineering, support components and sub systems development)
  • Analysis (CFD, FEA, and reliability engineering, fatigue, crashworthiness, noise, vibration and harshness, FEA for engine components and systems)
  • Calculations (thermodynamic, principle / strength calculations)
  • Occupant simulation
  • Combustion development for performance and emission improvement
  • Concept & Layout Design of Engine: Bore, Stroke, Overall Layout Criteria, connecting rod, crankshaft, manifolds etc.
  • Sub-system design like valve train, front-end drives etc.
  • Design of components like hoses, pipes etc for system robustness
  • Design standardization by building Parts Library based on Parts Family
  • Benchmarking, Cost reduction and value engineering for engine components
  • Support for component development and development of subsystems like intake, exhaust, cooling, lubrication systems etc.
  • CFD and FEA for engine components & systems
  • Fatigue analysis, Crashworthiness, NVH (Noise Vibration & Harshness)
  • Thermodynamic Calculations - Intake & Exhaust Systems, Basic Engine Performance Prediction, Valve timing
  • Principle / Strength Calculations - 5 C's, Valve train dynamics, Gear train, Powertrain, Lubrication System, Cooling system
  • FEA Analysis for engine components and systems, Occupant Simulation
  • Combustion development - for Performance & Emission improvement, Pump hardware selection, Injector spray pattern

Case Studies
HTC Global Services has extensive experience and vast expertise in providing engineering services for the Automotive engineering vertical with focus on innovation.
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