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Universities and institutes of higher education and research confront the overwhelming challenges of complex and tedious academic and administration management processes, retaining the top faculty, attracting the best students, and producing the best academic results. These challenges have a profound effect on the academic results and projecting the institution's image. HTC addresses these challenges by providing solutions based on its CampusERP application and Kuali framework.

HTC's CampusERP is a cost effective and comprehensive open source web-based campus management solution that connects academics and administration management. With CampusERP, academic and administration management are no longer complex and tedious as it helps in the efficient automation and management of most academic and administration tasks. CampusERP permits you to focus more on knowledge centric activities to produce the best academic results. read more >>

Kuali Development
HTC is a Kuali Commercial Affiliate and has established a Kuali Center of Excellence combining our strengths in Java and open source technologies. We develop Kuali based solutions to offer product development and application integration services to customers in the Kuali Community and higher education. HTC engages potential adopters of Kuali software and aims to help by sharing the lessons learned in developing, testing and implementing Kuali software. We bring a wealth of technical knowledge, templates, best practices, collateral, and skilled resources that will help you evaluate Kuali and, if necessary, customize it to fit your needs. read more >>
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