Solution Framework for Accountable Care Organizations
Accountable Care Organization - Current need
An Accountable Care Organization (ACO) should be flexible and robust to utilize data from disparate clinical and administrative settings and ensure smooth information exchange without technology barriers. The current necessity is to adopt a solution which fulfills the entire continuum of ACO needs.
HTC Solution for ACOs
Understanding this need of the hour, HTC offers a solution suite which provides a diverse set of capabilities, tools and accelerators, and services to support ACOs. Our suite caters to the needs of payers, physicians’ offices, specialty clinics, hospitals, and employer groups. HTC’s solution implements an ACO strategy which improves the outcomes in risk management, system performance, and quality compliance. In addition, our IT services provide for mobile capabilities enabling remote coordination within the care team.
Health Information Exchange Framework
HTC’s expertise with HL7 and integration engines allows us to seamlessly connect disparate EHR/EMR systems. To ensure interoperability across an ACO, we offer IT services like unique patient management and employ technology to create longitudinal patient records drawing on data from various sources throughout the ACO community.
Reducing Reimbursement Timeline
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Case Studies
Solution Framework for Accountable Care Organizations - Bringing effectiveness and efficiency in care coordination.
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