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Automotive and Manufacturing (A&M) companies today face the challenges of reducing cost and shortening product life cycles and time to market.
HTC has been working on automotive engagements for more than two decades and has been providing IT driven methodologies and processes to optimize and reshape business processes for our A&M industry clients. HTC helps you redefine the basis of competition and evolve next-generation business and IT solutions through process-enabled business transformation and technology-enabled process transformation.
HTC combines industry knowledge and innovative solutions to help vehicle manufacturers, suppliers, and retail networks deliver shareholder value and achieve operational excellence.
HTC has a separate business unit catering to the A&M industry covering OEMs, suppliers, dealers, and customers and provides outsourcing and consulting services to these businesses. Clients seeking to achieve short-term goals while preparing for longer-term success can benefit from our range of services.

Case Studies
Matured IT Services to Improve Your Business Processes and Enable Business Transformation
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