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The United States, with over 321 million mobile subscribers, has the third-largest mobile phone users in the world. Mobile applications are enhancing the overall consumer engagement in healthcare by increasing the flow of information, lowering costs through better decision-making, making fewer in-person visits and greater adherence to treatment plans, and improving satisfaction with the service experience. Mobile solutions hold tremendous potential for changing the way we obtain healthcare today.
Increasing penetration of smart phones and consumer adaptability to smart devices has enabled mobile phones to play an important role in healthcare. Delivering relevant and enriched services have also become easier.
HTC’s Mobile Healthcare solutions enable healthcare organizations to create a new model for healthcare access, payment, and delivery.
Increase Patient Engagement
HTC has been developing tools to increase Patient Engagement. Customized mobile based appointment alerts, education on preventive measures, and post-operative care support will help your organization to engage patients in their health outcomes and reduce overall cost. Patients can have access to their Medical records, their allergies, history, current prescriptions etc., on their mobile.
In the preventive health and wellness space, HTC offers wellness, exercise, smoking cessation and nutrition apps especially for patients with chronic conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure.
Alerts for vaccination, immunization, pre-natal and post-natal care through mobile will not only enable preventive health but also ensure customer loyalty and good will. The medication reminder provides timely, self-directed and secure messaging reminders that help patients take their medication on time. Healthcare provider search features on the mobile allow patients to locate physicians, pharmacies and hospitals even on the move or during emergencies.
Reducing Reimbursement Timeline
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mHealth offerings - Connecting to better health.
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