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With the advancement of technology, the Global Enterprise CIO is facing the challenge of offering best solutions to their internal and external customers. The policy of BYOD added more challenges to their offerings. The changing business landscape forced the Enterprise to react to market needs to simplify and satisfy the user community.

HTC's capability, experience, internal frameworks and simplified delivery model in Mobile Application Development helped decision makers offer the best to its customers.

The recent challenge is to have mobile applications that are platform, device, screen, and network agnostic. They should have the capability to orchestrate data in both synchronous and asynchronous mode, provide secured offline data storage in device and over-the-air data transfer. It is important to provide rich user experience with touch, voice, swipe and  pinch capabilities and at the same time the application has to be  highly usable and layman friendly.

HTC's invested experience helped to address the above challenges to deliver seamless, fault tolerant and scalable solutions to our enterprise customers across multiple verticals. The home built frameworks like WebMorph and SmartSync help customers to build and deploy mobile applications in 2 to 8 weeks across multiple platforms. A quick POC can be built in two weeks to prove the solution is workable for an industry of any kind.

HTC Mobile Application Offering Landscape

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HTC's Mobile Application Architecture

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Our Differentiators
  • 100+ man years of experience in Enterprise Mobile Application Development
  • Home-built Frameworks for quick development and secured, robust synchronization
  • Home-built automated functionality testing tool
  • Mobile Security Testing
  • Provides End-to-End cost effective mobility solution
  • Market reach within 6 to 8 weeks
  • Best of Industry practices
  • Committed performance to SLA
HTC has been providing outstanding mobile/tablet application development services to its global customers to become the highly productive and best servicing company in the domain. The HTC Mobile Application Development team can assure the best of the application services in the very challenging mobile application development space.
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