Application Reengineering and Migration Services
The major issues of legacy applications are archaic coding methodologies and programming languages, unavailable or inadequate system documentation, and lack of required IT expertise. These issues prevent in-house modernization or incorporation of  changes in business. This situation can be addressed by either developing replacement applications from scratch or modernizing legacy applications to meet the current requirements.
HTC is a specialist legacy applications re-engineering services provider with thorough expertise in providing cost effective application re-engineering and migration services . Our re-engineering services have helped our clients re-engineer, rather than replace their existing legacy systems to keep pace with the evolving business and technology requirements.
HTC follows various types of re-engineering approaches such as Automated Source Code Conversion, Automated Program Restructuring with manual changes, Manual Program, and Data Restructuring.
HTC has successfully migrated enterprise-wide applications and integrated legacy applications on IBM mainframes with the latest web-based and client-server applications for some of our global clients. HTC's migration services include:
  • Legacy Migration
  • Application Migration
  • Language/Code Migration
  • Operating System Migration
  • Architecture Migration
  • Data Migration

Migrating Legacy Systems to the Latest

Case Studies
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