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Enterprise Application Integration
Traditional application design and development has led to the creation of disparate systems and information silos. These systems literally replicated the departments and the barriers that existed between them. Added to this complexity was technology advancement, as it brought in data exchange issues   in existing applications. Making your applications 'Talk to Each Other' is the primary target of HTC's Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) Services. This requires an enterprise architecture that allows information to flow impeccably between departments and across locations of your enterprise.
HTC's Enterprise Application Integration practice provides structured information processing and delivery frameworks. HTC's EAI service reduces systems/IT total cost of ownership and business cycle time. HTC's proven expertise in providing EAI services overcome the barriers of complex and disparate architecture, security, and maintenance issues. HTC weeds out redundancies in applications, reduces maintenance cost, and moves to an asset-light model to provide superior return on your total asset portfolio.
HTC has implemented EAI solutions for several Fortune 500 companies across various domains addressing complex integration needs spanning geographies. HTC's EAI services link the IT applications driving critical business processes together providing complete, transparent, and real-time access to information, to realize financial and operational advantages.

Case Studies
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