Library Storage Management Solution

Olio - Cloud-based high-density storage facility smart software solution

Since the mid-1980s, libraries have been running out of space on their main campuses while the volume of print that is being collected continues to grow. Off-site, high-density storage facilities alleviate the space crunch on campus, but the items still to need to be findable and retrievable for use. HTC's Olio is a one stop solution that is built to serve the needs of high density library warehouses. One instance of Olio can support multiple warehouses, and the structure of storage in a warehouse can be customized to meet any libraries requirements. Olio's APIs allow real-time integration with campus systems like the ILS and Discovery as well as courier services and even Google books. The user-friendly UI allows even naive users to work without any prior experience. Olio is highly customizable for flexibility yet economical because it is based on open-source code. HTC has years of experience supporting cloud-based systems and library expertise to understand your unique requirements. Contact us for more information.

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HTC’s Library Storage Facility Management Software
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