Project management is a major component of cost structure for organizations that handle large and complex projects for their customers in diverse industries. Tracking project resources, schedules and costs, controlling individual work items, monitoring project statuses at multiple layers, and gathering project and organizational metrics are huge tasks in project management.
HTC's Process and Project Management Automation (PPMA®) framework provides process orientation to organizations and helps them achieve process maturity as defined by SEI - CMM standards.
PPMA automates project management activities from project inception to closure and ensures transparency and effectiveness of resource allocation, delivery schedules, defects tracking, and overall quality assurance of project deliverables.

PPMA brings you full process and project management and control by helping you define, maintain, measure, and optimize your processes. PPMA can help you achieve improved processes, reduced development lifecycles, increased transparency across different process groups, reduced defects, and increased customer confidence.

You can track project progress, budgets, and resources with this web-enabled user-friendly solution. You will benefit from the unmatched scalability, security, and rich functionality. The documentation available from PPMA satisfies the metrics requirements of quality certifications such as ISO 9001, SEI-CMM, and Six Sigma.

Case Studies
Software development processes in organizations depend on effective interactions among developers, users and customers. Successful project implementation depends on meeting user requirements within the boundaries of technology, law and budgets.
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