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HTC has several years of experience in designing, developing, and implementing innovative and cost effective solutions leveraging emerging technologies.
HTC offers solution framework to help retirement service agencies with legacy system modernization, enhancing existing systems for higher operational efficiencies and improve service levels. Our solution framework is designed to implement solutions for managing complete life cycle of information pertaining to the employees, retirees, beneficiaries, and employers. 
This framework helps streamline the business processes and reduce processing cycle times through automation and leading edge technologies including web 2.0, workflow, imaging and document management, rules engine, analytics and mobile.
Our PERS practice group consists of the right mix of technical and retirement system domain skill sets to deliver solutions and services that can meet specific needs. 
Our team can help with assessment of current systems, developing roadmaps for modernization or enhancements and implementing solutions.

HTC's PERS solution framework offers highly scalable and modular architecture that can help achieve following benefits:
  • Automation of manual, paper based processes to reduce errors and processing costs
  • Reduce data and process errors with process standardization and improved process controls and reporting
  • Increase productivity and throughput by automating business processes and decisions using intelligent workflows and rules
  • Ensure content security and access restrictions in accordance with regulatory mandates
  • 360 degree view of documents and data enabling faster processing of requests, decision making, and resolutions
Improved customer self-service capabilities with multiple contact interfaces, process automation and secured access to the information.

Case Studies
Rapidly changing technology and business needs are posing challenges for the retirement system agencies in several ways. The expectations of stakeholders are continuously growing -they want better and faster services, timely responses, and ability to do more anytime, from anywhere through online self-service channel.
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